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Pelvic Peace, Pelvic Power

This online pelvic floor yoga course is about releasing and relaxing chronically held pelvic floor muscles (Peace) and will bring in strengthening protocols along the way (Power). The techniques that are instructed- including complete breathing, movement and poses and relaxation techniques- bring balance back to you and your pelvic floor. Educational pieces are included along with the yoga content to empower you and to help put you in control of your own well-Being.

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Online Pelvic Floor Yoga Course

Who this course is appropriate for:

  • Those experiencing both urge and stress incontinence.
  • Those experiencing pain in the pelvic area and hip, leg and low back regions.
  • Those experiencing symptoms of Pelvic Floor issues such as vaginal/vulvar pain, pain during sex, the inability to insert a tampon.
  • Post partum moms recovering after birth.
  • Anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.


Video on Demand

A Full Library Including:

General Yoga Practices

Guided Imageries & Relaxations

Therapeutic Practices to address:

  • Anxiety
  • Back Pain
  • Pelvic Floor


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“Alicia has been great to work with. I really enjoy our sessions and I am learning so much. She is very in tune with my goals and has been very encouraging... It truly has been a great experience overall!”

Jennifer R.