4 Ways Yoga Can Ease Chronic Pelvic Pain

When we hurt, we naturally brace against the pain, contracting our muscles. Chronic muscular contraction can cause or contribute to pain. Worrying over our condition and the pain we experience can cause high levels of stress and anxiety, which interferes with... read more

Can Coughing Affect Your Pelvic Floor Symptoms?

Most Certainly. As many of my blog posts are, this one was sparked by my own experience of my pelvic floor’s reaction to two weeks’ worth of coughing. I was the lucky recipient of a chest cold that was shared over Christmas. I only leaked a couple of times during the... read more

Can One Exercise Fix Your Pelvic Floor?

No, it can’t. But why? We’ve been told for decades that Kegels will strengthen and fix our pelvic floor issues. But even if performed correctly (which they often are not) just continually contracting a few muscles won’t fix the global* issue. In some cases, they can... read more

Can Artificial Sweeteners Make You Pee???

It’s likely. We may already know that caffeine causes the urethra to spasm and makes us feel the urge to go, and that alcohol can have the same effect, but what about sugar substitutes? This became my question one afternoon while at a social event. I was asked to... read more

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